Bail rejected for Ghazal Srinivas!


Bail rejected for Ghazal Srinivas!

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Famous singer ‘Ghazal’ Srinivas has become the talk of the town after he was arrested. The world-record holder has been arrested on the charges of ‘sexual harassment’ by the local police in Hyderabad, after a woman employer, who is working in Alayavani Radio house of Ghazal Srinivas, filed a complained against him.

The woman also submitted some crucial evidence, both in audio and video format for the police. After examining the evidence, the police have arrested the singer at his residence two days ago.

Shockingly, the police have filed a petition requesting the Nampally court not to grant any bail for the singer. ‘Srinivas is a highly influential person in the society. He is capable of tampering the evidence. We still need to record the victim’s testimony. We are yet to investigate few other relating to the case,’ appealed the police in their petition to the court.

Few more videos relating to the heinous acts committed by ‘Ghazal’ Srinivas became public. Along with the video in which his [Srinivas] maid Parvathi and the victim are seen pressing his legs, two other videos went viral.

The victim has reportedly submitted 10 videos to the police as evidence. Few other alleged that Ghazal Srinivas has turned ‘Alayavani Radio House’ office into a brothel.

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