Monday, March 27, 2023
HomelatestBabu Gogineni finds fault in Jakanna!

Babu Gogineni finds fault in Jakanna!

Babu Gogineni finds fault in Jakanna!

He is humanist, rationalist and human rights activist, yes he is none other than Babu Gogineni. He incidentally found a fault in SS Rajamouli, and now everyone’s question is what is it all about?

Rajamouli being a film celebrity keeps giving interviews. On one such occasion, he claimed he is an Atheist. Two days later, he was again found walking beside a priest in the temple.

This information was shared was Babu Gogineni in a recent TV debate which was held a few days ago. Maintaining that he has no objection to Rajamouli visiting temples but it is not right to claim he is an atheist by doing such things. He questioned ‘Does he know the meaning of Atheist?’ The person who doesn’t believe in the existence of God is an Atheist.

It looks like Babu Gogineni has an objection in Rajamouli visiting temple claiming himself an atheist can bring bad reputation to their community. He even quoted CPI Narayana doing the same thing such a thing in the past.

When quizzed about Rajamouli responding to his question, Gogineni replied he still not sure whether his question reached Rajamouli or not, and moreover if it is a mistake, Jakanna will be in no position to answer.

Babu confirming that he is not against religion or their beliefs and respect individual choices made, but he made clear that he cannot approve or accept if anyone claims to be an atheist believing in religion and still visit the temple.

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