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HomelatestEven I also have a bomb in my pocket!

Even I also have a bomb in my pocket!

Even I Also Have A Bomb In My Pocket!

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The US President, Donald Trump retaliated in the same manner to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, after the latter comment that the button to ‘nuclear arsenal’ is on his table.Speaking at a press meet at the White House, Donal Trump said that, ‘the US nuclear arsenal is more powerful than yours [referring NK and Kim Jong-un]. And moreover, I have its button right in my pocket’. These comments come at the time when the situation between both the nations is highly volatile and hostile.

Donald Trump directly warned the North Korean Leader of dire consequences if he doesn’t change his attitude towards the US. In 2017 November, North Korea tested an ICBM – Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, which it claimed, is capable of destroying any city in the US.

Few army officials have indirectly hinted that the US is preparing itself for an ‘unseen’ war with North Korea. The US has been successful in bringing out various sanctions on the rogue nation, [North Korea] in the United Nations General Assembly.Kim Jong-un once again established the fact that his approach towards the US wouldn’t change even in 2018. Given the situation, global analysts believe that a nuclear war between the US and NK is inevitable in the near future.

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