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Is Katthi Mahesh setting a good example as a common man?

Katthi Mahesh good example as a common man

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This man has no boundaries, his satirical comments have reached the peak. For every comment and any criticism he initially claimed himself as a film critic, later political critic and now he uses common man as a tag to say whatever he wants, on whomever he wishes.

In the name of humiliating PK, this man has dropped in the eyes of many, one should accept. Initially, his questioning had logic, made some sense, but now, they are aimed at a personal level. And shockingly certain popular TV channels for reasons only best known to them are entertaining this man repeatedly on daily basis.

In the latest TV debate, a woman quizzed Mahesh Kathi, if he had any personal enmity or consider him as his enemy. Quickly, the critic replied by saying ‘Neither I have any property disputes with PK nor he eloped with my girlfriend’. But the caller hurriedly puts another question to him “You called Pawan Kalyan a political Broker. Should we call you a Cine Broker and your reviews as a Joke?’ Then Kathi said, ‘Thank You for Your Opinion. I Disagree With Your Opinion…. Don’t Follow Me Then’.

The woman advised Kathi to criticize PK if he does something wrong after he enters power, Kathi replied ‘Those who bow down could never get hold of power. I don’t have a grudge on Pawan Kalyan, in fact, I love him a lot, but I feel sad for his slavery’, he concludes.

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