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HomelatestPolice say ‘Ghazal’ Srinivas claims are rubbish!

Police say ‘Ghazal’ Srinivas claims are rubbish!

Police say ‘Ghazal’ Srinivas claims as rubbish!

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‘Ghazal Srinivas’ a famous Ghazal singer, and who holds a Guinness Record holder for singing Ghazals in the most number of languages, has been arrested on charges of ‘sexual assault’ today morning. The police arrested Srinivas after a woman complained about the singer on the charges of ‘asking sexual favours’ and forcing her to do a body massage.

Speaking to the media representatives, ‘Ghazal’ Srinivas claimed that he is being framed and he hasn’t done anything wrong. ‘I met with an accident recently. My physiotherapist did not come today. The woman who complained against me offered to do a massage. I was reluctant. I told her not required. But she insisted on doing massage. There is no foul play from my end’, said the singer.

But shockingly, the police have rubbished the singer’s claim. A police official involved with the case said, ‘whatever [Ghazal] Srinivas is claiming is absolutely nonsense and rubbish. When we arrest this kind of famous people, we take extreme caution. The woman submitted audio and video recordings. Only after examining and verifying them, we took Srinivas into custody.

Ghazal Srinivas also said that he has no ill intention of that woman even in his dreams. The woman has been working as a Radio Jockey in Srinivas’ own company.

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