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HomelatestThalaivar defines ‘Spiritual Politics’

Thalaivar defines ‘Spiritual Politics’

Thalaivar defines ‘Spiritual Politics’

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On 31st December, Rajinikanth made his political announcement claiming that he is going to practice ‘Spiritual Politics’. This statement issued by Thalaivar confused many people.

In the recent interview given to media people, Rajinikanth explained the meaning of ‘Spiritual Politics’. He said, it means, Honest and Secular Politics.  He remembered in the event about resolution taken by Mahatma Gandhi to wear only dhoti and shawl at Madurai in 1921.

When he quizzed about the name of the political party he is going to drift, Superstar said that he himself is unaware of the future proceedings.

Rajinikanth before venturing into films was a bus conductor. How many people know that Thalaivar has worked as a proofreader for a couple of months in a monthly magazine? Rajini shared these small bits and pieces of information relating to his personal life to media.

While disqualified AIADMK leader and RK Nagar MLA TTV Dinakaran’s opined spirituality is an individual’s choice and linking it with politics don’t yield any results. But Thalaivar fans are so excited and in a celebrating mood, claiming that at last Tamil Nadu will see good days and surely this change will be brought by Superstar.

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