BCCI gives a shock to Afghanistan Cricket Board

BCCI gives a shock to Afghanistan Cricket Board

BCCI gives a shock to Afghanistan Cricket Board

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Undoubtedly, T20 Cricket is the most popular form of cricket. Only 14 cricket playing nations currently enjoy the ‘Test Cricket Status’. While the ICC has awarded T20 International status to 102 countries. That is the craze the short-form of cricket is currently enjoying in the world.

Cashing on this, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) came up with its own T20 Cricket League. The cricket league will take place from October 5th to October 24th. Sharjah will be hosting the league. In this regard, the ACB has sent a request proposal to the BCCI, requesting to send Indian cricketers to play in T20 Cricket League.

In its response, BCCI replied, ‘we cannot send our cricketers to play in any T20 Cricket league except in IPL. It really doesn’t matter whether we send one player or a group of players. If we start sending players to your league, other nations come up with the same proposal’.

But the BCCI promised that it would support ACB on all fronts in successfully hosting the T20 league.

BCCI also rejected ACB’s proposal of sending ‘non-contract’ cricketers. The decision from BCCI has come as a shocker to the Afghanistan cricket board.

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