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HomelatestKCR Continues To Praise Federal Front

KCR Continues To Praise Federal Front

KCR Continues To Praise Federal Front:

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The TRS Chief KCR is a happy man as the party he floated back 17 years is now celebrating the Plenary in Hyderabad. After turning the entire city into Pink with TRS flags across the city, he has made some revelations regarding his party’s future run.

Federal Front will become the strongest left party in the entire history of Indian Politics, declares the Chief Minister of Telangana State, KCR. In his today’s speech marking the success of TRS all these years, KCR claims that the party will show its power in National level with the Federal Front. He warned the National parties like BJP and Congress that Federal Front is not just an alliance but a big Political revolution to set the country back to its glory. Having stalwarts like Mamatha Banerjee, AAM, Nithish Kumar and many other parties like BSP, JDS etc, KCR states that the alliance will completely eradicate BJP from the Parliament. Also, the Front and its members are well aware of all the sins committed by the Centre after coming to power in 2014 elections.

Talking about the party TRS and its strong base, KCR didn’t shy away to declare the assets and funds. On the first day of Plenary celebrations, the party fund crossed 20 crores of rupees. In one day, big leaders of the party have donated tons to the party to raise the total fund to 46 crores. This helps them to canvas and campaign hugely for 2019 elections to regain power for the second time in a row. The celebrations are grand and reflecting the confidence of TRS leaders to conquer Power in Telangana until there exists a strong Opposition in the near future.

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