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HomelatestJanasena to campaign for Janata Dal Secular?

Janasena to campaign for Janata Dal Secular?

Janasena to campaign for Janata Dal Secular?

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Since a couple of days, a rumor regarding the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan supporting JDS is trending over the internet. Let us have a look regarding this issue by dwelling deep into the details.


Day by day, the elections of Karnataka State is gaining huge importance as the results show a huge impact on the other states as well. The reason is none other than the local party versus the National Party BJP. The fact that the BJP became an enemy for almost all the Southern States is now trying to conquer Karnataka. Meanwhile, the local party Janata Dal is fighting to get back to Power to give a retort to BJP. In its fight, it is fetching support of all anti-BJP parties in the Nation. Already the Telangana parties TRS and MIM declared their support to Janata Dal led by former Prime Minister Dewa Gouda and his son Kumaraswamy.


Now the latest news is that the Janasena Supreme Power star Pawan Kalyan who maintains a huge fan base over Karnataka is all set to help JDS. Some sources close to Pawan’s camp reveal that Pawan got the invitation from JDS and he has replied positively on this issue. This is a sleek chance to Pawan for not only answering his critics who link him with BJP but also a possibility to remove some part of BJP from South India. Let us wait and see if this news is merely a rumor or real within a couple of days. On the same note, the Karnataka leaders are also trying to get megastar Chiranjeevi to campaign for them. If anyone of these mega brothers or both campaign for JDS, it will show a maximum impact over the vote bank as many Telugu people who settled there can answer with their votes.

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