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“Bhairava Geetha” Trailer – A Ram Gopal Varma Presentation

ram gopal varma bhairava geetha movieBhairava Geetha, it is a love story but with full of violence. The violence born from nature of bossism, the love born from nature of human, the saga of a village love story. Once again a flick from Ram Gopal Varma, he is not the director of this film, he presents the film under Company banner. This movie is a Telugu-Kannada bilingual film. Ram Gopal Varma said, “Its a high-intensity action-packed love story in a background of the class struggle.”; maybe. The raw and blood bold content may be coming.

Bhairava Geetha movie trailer

As come to the trailer, the poster consists of boy and girls faces and it resembles the love of them. And, this trailer is looking like about caste feelings. the bossism of some persons in a village, make the struggles to the people who are living in the lower status. The cruelness increases when a boy from utter class people, then the awful nature of bosses of village try to kill him and also try to their love. The warlike friction between love and bossism clearly appears in this trailer. But, this romantic action love violence flick may thrill us. “Hardly, waiting for this, and curiously kill this movie with intensive eyes of us,” Fan of Ram Gopal Varma said.

ram gopal varmaStarring: Dhananjaya, Irra Mor
Directed: Siddhartha Thatholu
Producers: Abhishek Nama and Bhasker Rassi
Co-Producer: Ravish R.C
Presenter: Ram Gopal Varma
Music Composer: Ravi Shankar
Lyrics: Sira Sri
Story-Screenplay: Ram Gopal Varma/ Ram Vamsi Krishna
Director of Photography: Jagadeesh Cheekati m.f.a
Dialogues: Vamsi Krishna
Editor: Anwar Ali

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