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“Adhugo” He Is There…

Presenting you the Naughtiest star of the Telugu Film Industry “Bunty”. Bunty, a piglet and an artist in a film, i.e, Adhugo. He is acting in the direction of Ravi Babu and under the banner of Suresh Productions. He is really active and he can also talk. He was talked with Ravi Babu and told about him in an interview. He brushes and goes out with Ravi Babu. But, how is it possible that a piglet in the movies as an actor…! Is it weird?; don’t fear, Ravi Babu is there. He can do wonders with piglets also. Because he is a CREATIVE director.

"Adhugo" Ravi Babu Brings Piglet


Ravi Babu is trying a movie with a piglet. Actually, 11 months back he released a video to introduce this Bunty. He explained abouBuntyty and that was really hilarious while the conversation happening between them. Recently, the photos of Bunty with Ravi Babu at an ATM center were trending at that time. In the meantime, both Suresh Babu and Ravi Babu fed the bananas to Bunty; the photos also came out. Now, Suresh Production team released the first look of the Naughtiest star of Telugu industry “Bunty”.


Generally, every one shocks about this movie. A film with a piglet and in the direction of Ravi Babu moreover in the production of Suresh Babu. Really, it is an interesting movie. How can Ravi Babu project this Bunty character in the movie is a mysterious thing until its release? Now, they have released first look and when will the teaser, trailer, and film. May it take some more time. Of course, its okay; because it is difficult to make the act with a piglet.


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