Saturday, August 13, 2022
HomelatestRajamahendravaram Youth Died For The AP Special Status

Rajamahendravaram Youth Died For The AP Special Status

In what may be called as the disturbing piece of news, a Young man from the city of Rajamahendravaram gave his life for the sake of Special Status to the AP. Details of this heartbreaking case as follows.Vempadu Tollgate in Nakkapalli Mandal of the Vizag district.Trinadh, a graduate from Rajamahendravaram was found dead near the Vempadu Tollgate in Nakkapalli Mandal of the Vizag district. This 27 years old was declared dead by the Police and committing suicide is the reason for his death. Along with the dead body, Police found the suicide note addressing the AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. In his letter, he declared that he is intentionally taking this step to leave his life in order to move the AP Youth to fight for the Special Status. Trinadh who hung himself to a high tension power cables tower slammed all the celebrities, politics and actors for not showcasing their fight in getting the AP Special status.AP Special status.He pointed out the fact that celebrities donated hundreds of crores for Kerala floods had done nothing for the AP which is in the more dire situation than Kerala. This young graduate declared that his death would be a wake-up call for the Politicians in order to fight for the SCS. His sister who is living along with him in Nakkapalli identified the body and disclosed his details. Shook by this incident, several NGOs demand the ruling party to intensify their fight against the Centre. Meanwhile, many TDP leaders are visiting the dead body of Trinadh to pay their respects. CM is speculated to meet the family of the deceased in order to offer help from the Government.

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