KCR Loves To Confuse All Over The Snap Polls

KCR Loves To Confuse All Over The Snap Polls

The TRS Chief KCR for some strange reasons is continuing to perplex people of Telangana along with the media regarding the early polls. The recent interaction of TRS Ministers with the Press forms a platform for confusion.TRS Chief KCRKCR brought the topic of snap polls and he made it sure that the topic exists in the everyday news via his party workers. He went to Delhi to get the permission of organising the polls earlier and even started organising the grand event of Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha. On contrary to all these developments, TRS Chief declared that the idea of snap polls would yield no results. The other day, the Minister of IT and Urban development KTR too added his voice against the early polls. He opined that the early polls are not the best thing for their party and they are not even thinking of that.

Declares The High CourtIf at all the Kalvakuntla family is against the snap polls, then why are they organising such big event of Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha tomorrow. Leading analysts and close observers of KCR state that KCR is intentionally confusing his opponents with his master plans. Even before the Opposition party decode the KCR’s plan, he will change his plans according to the benefits of the party. For now, the alliances with BJP or MIM are ruled out by the KTR and they are all going for the solo fight for the upcoming elections. Many hope that the Nivedhana Sabha would put a full stop and gives full clarity on snap polls and alliances of TRS for the elections.


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