“Silly Fellows” Silly Intros Of Comedy Crackers – Hilarious



Really, it is a new tricky promoting plan. Silly Fellows movie actors’ characterization is revealing one by one. Recently, Jaya Prakash Reddy’s descriptive poster was revealed. Now, videos of comedians have come out. Really, the narration about them was hilarious. Allari Naresh and Sunil hardly try to get success with this movie. Complete comedy cracker is preparing by makers. Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao direction always pickups the comedy naturally. The combination of all movies with mindblowing conveying of the film was really awesome. We are talking about Sudigadu movie. We know that film’s greatness. Actually, that was not an easy thing to run a movie as like that.

So, he may make it to extraordinary levels with the comedy swords. The promoting ideas are really creative. For the first time, think so, the characters’ characterizations revealing like this. Maybe, other actors’ posters and videos come up to September 7th as well as Jayaprakash Reddy and Raghu. The important thing is September 7th is its release date. The ‘Sudigadu’ film music director Sri Vasanth is music director of this film and now the song bit in the trailer and headache songs also good to hear.

Poorna and Chitra Shukla are heroines of this film. And, Bigg boss 2 Nandini Rai also in this film. As per the trailer, Chitra Shukla is the companion of Allari Naresh but no other heroines appeared in the trailer and other posters. So, we may watch directly on the screen. But, are Nandini or Poorna, companion of Sunil? Chitra Shukla’s previous movie is Raj Tharun’s Rangula Ratnam. Except for that film result, she did a good job in that movie. Moreover, Mahesh Babu released this film’s trailer. Finally, the expectations for the movies are increasing step by step.


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