Karnataka CM Wants To Work Under Chandrababu Naidu

Karnataka CM Wants To Work Under Chandrababu Naidu
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After becoming the Chief Minister of Karnataka in an unusual style, the JDS Chief Kumaraswamy visited Vijayawada to worship Lord Durga. Post his prayers in the Temple, he interacted with media and expressed his feelings regarding the Lok Sabha elections.Under Chandrababu NaiduThe Janata Dal leader Kumaraswamy is one of the close associates to the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Earlier, he worked with the CBN in some National fronts and share a good rapport with the latter. Such a leader who visited the AP’s working capital didn’t miss the chance to meet his good friend CBN. after his meet, he talked to the media on various topics. Talking about possible alliances, he stated that he is on a mission to form the third front against BJP and Modi to dethrone the Indian Prime Minister and wipe out BJP from the Centre. On this regard, Kumaraswamy claimed that the Prime Minister candidate from his side will be announced only after the completion of general elections for the Lok Sabha.

CBN and wished to see AmaravathiThis son of former Indian PM expressed his satisfaction with the ruling of CBN and wished to see Amaravathi as one of the best cities in the world. Not stopping there, he heaped praises on the AP CM by reminding that he is the first leader from the South who formed alliances in the past. On this note, he expressed his interest in working under CBN’s leadership if at all the heads the third front with all the anti-Modi parties in India. One has to wait and see if Kumaraswamy is revealing any plans of CBN post their meeting or not.


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