Bigg Boss Contestant Nutan Naidu Open Letter


Dear People,

I’m getting numerous phone calls and messages after BiggBoss elimination. I have no words to say thanks to you all. I went to Biggboss house only for your affection and I own lakhs of fans now so I don’t need more than this. Moreover, no.of well-wishers are feeling sad about my elimination and they are messaging me. My gratitude for your love and affection.

Many people said that I have gotten crores of votes and Biggboss did not consider them. But, I don’t want to talk about that. And, my friends also said that BiggBoss projected my performance in a wrong way and after elimination, I too felt like that.

In politics, even in big boss, I accept the people’s decision. I don’t say it based on my elimination. Generally, elimination should be done based on people voting and decision and the people should feel like that, but the people didn’t feel like that now. Means, there is something going wrong. So, Biggboss should think about this matter. However, anything may happen in Biggboss house, but Biggboss should project the decision of the audience.

Not only in Bigboss but outside of the house also people support me, for that, I heartily thankful to you all. The contestants who supported me in Biggboss house and even outside of the house, all their family members, fans, followers, friends, well-wishers, Biggboss, Star Maa management, and every voter, to all of them, thanking you so much, I owe for this.

– Nutan Naidu



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