Saturday, September 18, 2021
HomelatestUncertain BJP Gets A Clarity Over KCR Regarding Their Alliance

Uncertain BJP Gets A Clarity Over KCR Regarding Their Alliance

Post the one on one meeting between the Indian Prime Minister Modi and Telangana CM KCR, there existed many twists and turns about a possible alliance between these two for the upcoming elections. However, some BJP leaders express they’re final go on KCR.Earlier, it was almost confirmed that the BJP sought the support of TRS for the Lok Sabha elections and for that, the Centre has granted many pending requests from the KCR. None other than Narendra Modi gave his word on the snap polls and assured KCR that the elections of Telangana Assembly will get commenced in the month of this year’s November. Still, the BJP cadre is not confident about getting the support of KCR for many obvious reasons.KCR Regarding Their AllianceA big BJP leader confessed that the leadership of the NDA are not in a mood to trust KCR as he already showcased his Political mind by ditching Congress post the elections of 2014. According to them, KCR would only support the NDA Government if there is no competition from the Opposition UPA. If at all the competition between NDA and UPA is neck to neck, then KCR will certainly bring up the Federal Front trump card yet again to enter the Central Politics leaving the State’s leadership to KTR.

KCR is the Minorities

The biggest strength of KCR is the Minorities and he is likely to form an alliance with them both for State and Central elections. Almost 15% of voters in Telangana are Muslims and they always vote against BJP. It would be better for KCR if he chooses to stay far from BJP to achieve his higher aspirations.

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