I’ll Chop That All Rapists’ Private Parts – Jagapathi Babu

posani krishna murali and jagapathi babu

Jagapathi Babu, a family hero in past but a stylish villain now. His craze is increasing film by film. He is on perfect track now. Recently, he has attended an interview and told about his life, methodology and worst situations of his life. We know that Jagapathi Babu is a very straightforward person and he tells everything frankly. Previously, he spoke about the caste system in society and his daughter’s inter-caste marriage, very genuinely. As like that, he told about Jr.NTR’s positive vibe for Balakrishna. Now, he again nailed this interview with his truth policy.Boyapati Srinu asked Jagapathi,Though, Posani Krishna Murali, Boyapati Srinu, and Hero Arjun have asked solid questions to Jagapathi Babu through video bytes. Boyapati Srinu asked Jagapathi, “Babu, what was your after I have asked for the villain role in Legend movie?” Jagapathi Babu answered, “Actually, I have already fixed for side roles. At the time of Pravarakyudu film, I have decided to do character roles. I have realized that my time is over as a hero. But, producers or directors didn’t approach me for character roles so I did feel normal.” And, Jagapathi also said about his beard style.Jagapathi BabuHe said, “Just because of laziness, I have ignored about my beard. Once, a stylist came to me and he trimmed lightly for a photoshoot. Though, when I was with that black&white light beard, Boyapati Srinu saw it and fixed it for Legend film. At the same time, the salt and pepper beard style on trending. That is the secret behind my beard.”

Posani Krishna Murali’s question to Japathi Babu:

Posani Krishna Murali Babu, you experienced a lot of situations and faced many problems in your film life. Maybe you should know, there is nothing except money and success. You should earn and save money. Your father great producer V.B.Rajendra Prasad spent his sincerely but he lost. Then, as his son, you should earn money and stand in a better position. But, Why do you don’t care about money? Why do you don’t save your money? And, Why do you spend your money freely? I want answers to this questions and I could say one thing that you don’t have the caring of money. If I’m in your position, I’ll earn nearly 2000 to 3000 crores.

Jagapthi Babu I accept that I have not care about money but not now. I agree that I did some rudely. But, I stick to the point, if we are in giving position, we should help others that I believe. And, we should spend money on ourselves, for whom we should save money? If we work, then we should enjoy also and have that selfishness. Other than, how do you live your life? Of course, we should save also. That’s why I save 60% and spend 40%. I think Nagarjuna is a perfect man like that. Because he earns money and spends it also. And, he again earns his expenditures.

His best friend hero Arjun’s question:

jagapathi babu and arjun

We know that hero Arjun and Jagapthi Babu are best friends. So, hero Arjun also shot a question for Jagapthi Babu.

Arjun – What would you reform, if you are the one day Chief Mister? Don’t say “I’ll do politics”, answer me clearly.

Jagapathi Babu – According to me, I’ll chop that all rapists’ private parts and make them run on roads. The second one, collect all money from who earns illegally, in both politics and outside. The whole money will be lakhs of crores so with that all problems in the state will be cleared. So, I’ll do it and use for the state.

So, the interview is full of facts, believes, and the life of Jagapathi Babu. Though, he said about his belief in god and time also. And, said about the astrology of his life.


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