Janasena Tops, TDP Lacks Behind YSRCP In Social Media Usage

Janasena Tops, TDP Lacks Behind YSRCP In Social Media Usage

Any political party needs a couple of supportive print and media channels to promote their parties in order to bring in the hype. TDP despite having more supportive media in the AP state fails to make it big among the social media. At the same time, the parties like YSRCP is cleverly utilizing the same social media in slamming their rival TDP whereas Janasena tops the list by effective use of media.

National Chief CBN

Going into the details, TDP which is termed as the tech party used to make the news. Its National Chief CBN who is a tech-savvy made it sure that his party has more coverage than his opposition party Congress. Post the 2014 elections, the entire scenario got reversed. First and foremost, the TDP wing relaxed after getting to the Power and left the social media affairs to channel heads. These so-called mainstream media, with their fake and unbelievable news, bagged huge criticism from the common viewers. Conducting useless debates which are completely unnecessary in turn favored the Opponents YSRCP and Janasena.YSRCP with its own print and digital media successfully made the Minister Lokesh as Pappu. Not stopping there, they became successful in showcasing the failures of the TDP Government. On contrary, TDP failed to make it big whenever it got chances to slam YS Jagan in their biased channels.TDP which is termed as the tech partyThe only party which perfectly utilized the social media is the party Janasena. Be it the millions of followers for Pawan Kalyan and most of them being Youth, Janasena stayed in the everyday news with social networking sites even though it has no channels for its own in the past. Now that some channels like 99TV are in support of Janasena, this party is working wonders among the social media. TDP should grasp this point to minimize the damage from here on.


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