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HomelatestBJP started its bargaining in Karnataka to form Government

BJP started its bargaining in Karnataka to form Government

BJP Government started its Bargaining in Karnataka

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The big party BJP is keen on forming Government in the most talked state Karnataka which recently completed its elections. Centre backed Karnataka BJP camp is taking out all its weapons to win the magical figure in Kannada State.

The most hyped elections of Karnataka have completed and the results became the new talk of the Nation. BJP just fell short of the magical figure. It still needs 8 more MLAs to form the Government but the Oppositions JDS and Congress are stubborn to lose any of their MLAs. JDS joined hands with Congress only to limit BJP to the Opposition and they went to the Governor in order to request him to make them win in the elections official. On the flip side, BJP known for its tactics is trying hard to lure the strong JDS and Congress MLAs with nominated posts. Already the Congress head and JDS Chief complained to the media that the BJP is offering them for Deputy Chief Minister posts with multiple portfolios. Political analysts of Karnataka already state that some of the MLAs from JDS camp are already missing from the party and they will be floated in BJP sooner or later for big packages and posts. BJP on a mission to conquer South India is not in a mood to lose this chance to hoist its flag in Karnataka. So it is attracting MLAs.

What’s more interesting is that the chances are more for BJP for many reasons. BJP the party with 104 MLA seats has the right to ask the Governor to form Government. Also, the Governor of Karnataka being a member of RSS might favor BJP unconditionally. Let us wait and see who forms the Government in Karnataka.

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