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HomelatestPawan slams TDP Government over Godavari boat incident

Pawan slams TDP Government over Godavari boat incident

Pawan Response on East Godavari Boat Capsized Issue

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The drastic accident of a steamer boat in the River Godavari left all in vain as 10 members out of 50 passengers were found dead yesterday. Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan responded regarding this issue in his own style.

Pawan Kalyan is about to start his whole Andhra Bus tour. Prior to that, he has been visiting sacred temples across the State for a good start. This Janasena Supreme who is in Srikakulam has interacted to the press after his rituals. Responding to the Boat capsized incident, he blamed Government for not imposing rules strictly. Expressing his grief over the death toll, he declared that the officials and their negligence are costing the lives of people. Pawan stated that the Government takes full responsibility for each individual’s lives in foreign countries whereas in India it is quite contrary. He asked the State Government to strengthen the rules and stop making people use boats which are less secure and without licenses. Janasenani demanded exgratia to the deceived families and asked the Government to provide full support to the needy in remote areas. Also, Pawan opined that the Indian Government to increase the Natural Disaster Rescue Operations volunteers count.

The boat incident shook the State of Andhra. Oppositions demanded the State Government take the responsibility whereas the Chief Minister CBN personally monitoring the rescue operations. Sources declare that the boat driver’s irresponsible driving lead the boat to hit the hill in the dark. Pawan also asked his Janasainikas to help the rescue operations.

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