T-BJP’s Climax Twist To Bag More Seats In Telangana

the National party BJP

After deciding to go all alone in the Snap Polls, the National party BJP is chalking out its plans to gain as many seats as it can to become King Maker in Telangana. The party’s heads have now looked forward to bring the climax twist to woo the voters. The ruling party TRS is quite confident in regaining the power and it is busy campaigning the entire State with rather a confidence. The competitive Mahakutami also indulged in the election heat by giving a tough competition to the Pink camp to have a neck to neck fight in the snap polls.The least bothered BJP which failed to shake hands with any other big regional party is now contesting in all 119 seats in Telangana without enough candidates.

bringing in its leader Narendra Modi

However, the bigwigs of the party are now bringing in its leader Narendra Modi to personally campaign in Telangana. Modi will be attending four meetings in Nizamabad, Hyderabad, Warangal and Nalgonda on 3rd and 5th of December as an ending twist just two days prior to the D-Day.BJP leaders believe that this last-minute twist in Telangana would make the voters have fresh thoughts on BJP and increase their vote bank. By this time, all the parties would have done with their campaigning including AICC’s Sonia Gandhi’s visit as well.


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