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HomelatestBJP Tops India In Richest Political Parties:

BJP Tops India In Richest Political Parties:

BJP Richest Political Party In India

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Call it as daring or not caring anyone, the BJP openly declared its assets and expenditure for the fiscal year of 2016-17. Not only shocking many with its total fund but the party also stood in first place among all National Parties.

The Government of India has revealed the audit sheets of all the existing seven National Parties of India. Congress which used to lead this list always dropped to the second position with a total fund of 225 crores of rupees. Whereas the ruling party BJP with more than 1000 crores stood at numero uno position. Other parties like CPM got 100 crores and the red brothers CPI stood at the last position with just a figure of 2 crores annual. Interestingly, Congress submitted an IT return of 350 crores which is more than its total funds. The Central party BJP spent only 700 crores in the year 2016-17 making sense. Being the ruling party, funds are common but the sudden hike of BJP’s funds left political analysts in surprise. The income has grown as much as 80% in just one year. Also, the expenditure of the party too crossed 500 crores in the time where there happened elections to some Northern States.

Thus BJP tops in both high funds list and expenditure list. Political experts can explain where the BJP biggies spent their funds but people are not interested to know as long as they receive cash for vote. Despite surplus funds, BJP is speculated to not allocating enough funds to some Southern States for their leaders. However, the expenditure will hit the Sky in the next year as elections are approaching for many States in India at once.

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