Friday, September 17, 2021
HomelatestKCR’s Masterplan On The Third Front Revealed:

KCR’s Masterplan On The Third Front Revealed:

Telangana CM KCR Master Plan For The Third Front

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The most dynamic Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR has been busy with his own works. This CM of the newest State of India is sketching a master plan to give a befitting reply to the NDA front which is acting like a monopoly in India.

KCR is the one who brought the name and craze of the Third Front in India. Such leader is now remaining silent when his allies like Mamata Banerjee are asking him to visit Delhi. KCR has got his own reasons to remain silent. Still, he along with his core team is etching a stunning plan to start this third front meeting for the first time. On 27th of this month, KCR is going to celebrate his party TRS’s plenary anniversary. So he is busy making grand arrangements for the event in order to make the function a promotion to his Party for the upcoming general elections. Here comes the mind-blowing master plan of his.

KCR is planning to invite his possible third front allies like BSP, AAM, and others for this Plenary meeting in order to start their discussions on checkmating both BJP and Congress. If this meeting becomes a success, then for sure the Centre will be bewildered with the idea of the Third Front. With one year in hand, KCR has ample time to promote and win the trust of other leaders to defeat BJP and Congress to conquer Delhi. This is said to be a stunning idea of KCR in the recent times. Let us wait and watch how he executes this plan.

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