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Sri Reddy Leaks: Big Producer’s Son In Trouble

Sri Reddy Fire On The Son Of A Big Producer

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The latest Youtube sensation Sri Reddy is making waves in the Movie Artists Association with her leaks. After protesting semi-nude, she has started her leaks spree not to regional but to the national media like anything which has now gone viral.

The name Sri Reddy reverberated in the Indian Internet zone when the controversial maker RGV tweeted about her. Also, the regional media like ABN, TV9 and few others gave her much needed attention and coverage. Earlier she confessed that she did sleep with some biggies, she demanded justice for her film career by giving more chances. Her protest fetched the National media CNBC TV18 to the city of Hyderabad as they came in search of this casting couch issue in TFI. In her interview with the TV18, Sri Reddy revealed the unexpected big name. She dared to declare that she slept with the younger son of producer Suresh Babu. Not stopping there, she leaked the entire chat history of her private texting with him.

Sri Reddy is quick.enough to counter the National media for each and every question. When the interviewer asked Sri Reddy regarding the reason for saying yes to the casting couch, she stated that her dream is to become a top actress at any cost. She claimed that she prepared herself ready to sleep with anyone who gives her chances. She concluded the interview by pledging that her protest will not stop until right justice is done to her.

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