BJP stalwart Vajpayee’s health update: Critical condition

BJP stalwart Vajpayee health update


The main pillar of BJP, Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been fighting for life since June of this year in AIIMS. Recent press release by AIIMS regarding this top Politician’s health leaves BJP in vain.

Three times Prime Minister Vajpayee is considered as the senior most Politician for not only BJP but for the entire Nation. The way he and Advani help BJP since ages are now seeing wonderful fruits in the name of Modi and Amit Shah. Such a leader who is distancing himself to the BJP’s main camp these days was admitted in hospital in the month of June, this year. Being a diabetic patient, Vajpayee is struggling to become healthier despite huge trails of AIIMS doctors. In the recent health bulletin released by the AIIMS, the condition of Vajpayee is declared as critical. AIIMS claimed that this biggie of BJP is living under life support from the last couple of days.

Vajpayee health update

The other day, Indian Prime Minister Modi along with his batch paid a visit to Vajpayee after hearing the news about his health. Many supporters of BJP and senior members of the ruling party are very worried about Vajpayee’s health. AIIMS director Randeep Guleria is personally treating Vajpayee for being his personal and family doctor for many years. As his condition getting worse day by day, many leaders across Political parties are visiting AIIMS to see Vajpayee. Huge fans of this 93 years old bachelor Politician are praying for his well being across the Nation of India.

Vajpayee health condition


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