Janasenani compares the sons of all CMs



Happening Politician Pawan Kalyan continued firing bullets on the TDP National Chief Nara Lokesh and Jagan in his Porata Yatra. This time, he went further and started comparing the precedents of Telugu States’ CMs.

In Tadepalligudem, the Janasena Chief declared some of his ideas to be included in his manifesto. Offers like free gas cylinders to the women, monthly pension to the poor families in the place of ration etc were highlighted by this leader. Pawan Kalyan opines that Lokesh is behind all the hate Politics of some media channels in the happened six months. From hiring jobless critics to abusing his own mother, Pawan developed a long-term rivalry on Lokesh. He attacked Lokesh by comparing him with the Telangana IT Minister KTR and ridiculed for not winning as an MLA likewise the latter. This ex-star hero declared that Lokesh is good at only corruption and he cannot win as an MLA if he contests in real time elections. At the same time, Janasenani dragged YSRCP Chief Jagan into the mud. Terming him as a looter of thousands of crores, Pawan alleged that Jagan is interested in making money by gaining Power but not to help the people of AP.


Pawan Kalyan took the attack to another level in a recent couple of days. He is making sure that Lokesh stands at the receiving end of each and every public meeting. One has to wait and see how Pawan’s ex-alliance partner CBN responds to allegations on his son.


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