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BJP ‘feeling low and sad’ | BJP to form Gujarat Government for the 6th time

BJP to form Gujarat Government for the 6th time

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The BJP party is feeling pretty low and sad, despite racing ahead in the Gujarat Elections 2017. It is almost official that, BJP will be forming the Government in Gujarat for the 6th time. With Patel reservation movement, demonetization and GST bill turning out to be the artillery of the opposition, many doubted BJP’s win this time in Gujarat elections. But, to their disappointment, BJP emerged as the winner.

On the other hand, Congress which has seen a humiliating defeat in 2014 General Assembly elections and 2017 UP Assembly elections, shocked everyone in the Gujarat Elections. Many expressed a hint of hope that Congress might able to pull off this time around. But still, Congress managed to have a respectful hold in Gujarat.

The Gujarat elections are being perceived as an ‘eye-opener’ for the BJP leadership. The only positive aspect in this election for BJP is its narrow win. But these elections result clearly show the beginning of ‘fall of BJP and PM Modi’ in the coming months. We guess BJP and Modi are already aware of their future, given the narrow victory in Gujarat, which is usually referred as BJP’s fort.

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