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HomelatestBJP Racing Ahead in Cat-Mouse race in Himachal Pradesh!

BJP Racing Ahead in Cat-Mouse race in Himachal Pradesh!

BJP racing ahead in Himachal Pradesh!

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If you keenly follow the exit polls or if you are a political analyst you might not be surprised with the ongoing trends. It was already predicted that Congress is going to lose power in Himachal Pradesh with Assembly Polls 2017.

BJP and Congress are like the Cat-Mouse racing in the 68 Member Assembly. BJP is leading in 46 seats, while Congress in 16 seats at 12:15 pm IST. Others could barely manage with just 4 seats.

While, BJP leaders and activists are already celebrating with Gujarat results, as they surpassed the magic figure 35 seats. Severe anti- incumbency resulted in the defeat of the ruling party by a big margin. This is not something the Congress party expected right after Rahul Gandhi took over the reins of the party from his mother.

Inside sources say, that Rahul Gandhi mainly focused on Gujarat Polls to create a wave in favor of Congress by overlooking Himachal Pradesh. This little preference dearly costs the party which they will know once the final results come out. People observe, whatever and wherever is the focus, BJP is going to win in both the states by a margin which is something to be noted by Rahul and his team.

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