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Is BoyapatiSrinu still going to school?

Is Boyapati Srinu still going to school

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Megastar Chiranjeevi ruled the film industry for over 30 years. After he entered into politics, Megastar took a break, that last for 9 years, from the film industry. Despite such a long gap, his comeback movie ‘Khaidi No.150’ had a roaring success at the box office. Similarly, Chiru takes utmost care while choosing the scripts. He also suggests necessary changes to make the script more appealing and, eventually make the film a success. He has been showing the same enthusiasm even for Ram Charan movies.

With Ram Charan slowly but steading settling down, Chiru stepped back, giving Charan move independence while doing his movies. But still, Chiru actively participates in Ram Charan’s movie discussions. On the same lines, insider sources confirmed that Chiru suggested some key changes to the script of the Boyapati – Ram Charan film. What’s more surprising is, Chiranjeevi spent good long time talking to Boyapati one-on-one.

And incidentally, Boyapati too went ahead with Chiranjeevi’s suggestions for his movie with Ram Charan. ‘Megastar asked Boyapati to tone down violence and action in the movie. In fact, advised him to raise the entertainment angle slightly. Boyapati seconded Chiru’s statements, and is making necessary changes,’ said a close source from mega camp.

Meanwhile, film circles are trolling Boyapati on the same, asking whether he is going to Chiranjeevi’s school!

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