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India’s 1st Lady Detective Arrested By Mumbai Police

India’s 1st Woman private Detective Arrested

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The way detectives are shown in serials like CID, is highly dramatic. The reality is far from cry. In real life, it is almost impossible to identify a detective. They don’t come in lavish cars or seen in rich apparels. While few detectives help the investigative agencies to solve cases, other make a living in their own ways.

Rajani Pandit is widely regarded as India’s 1st lady detective. Thane police arrested Rajani Pandit after they came to know that she is gathering call detail records from various cellular agencies unlawfully, and selling them for astronomical prices.

 ‘We nabbed four individuals who are trying to sell the Call Detail Records (CDR). It is clear that Rajani Pandit is behind this. Everyone involved in this Call Detail Records scam will be put in front of the law,’ said Thane Police.

What’s more surprising is, Tamil actress Trisha recently announced that she will be a part of a biopic film on Rajani Pandit, India’s 1st Lady Detective. Given the turn of events, Trisha might opt out of the film. 


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