Brahmini will take charge of the TD if Lokesh is arrested


Brahmini will take charge of the TD if Lokesh is arrested:

“Wife Brahmini will assume leadership of the Telugu Desam party in the event of Nara Lokesh’s arrest,” stated former minister and TD politburo member Ayyanna Patrudu on Thursday.

During a protest program held by the TD in MVP Colony on Thursday, Patrudu mentioned reports suggesting that the YSRC government might arrest Lokesh when he arrives in Rajahmundry from New Delhi. He also noted that senior TD leaders in Delhi and Vijayawada were discussing this matter.

He added, “Chandrababu was incarcerated, and Lokesh is ready to endure imprisonment.” Many forces are attempting to dismantle the TD, but they will not succeed.”

Patrudu emphasized that if necessary, Lokesh’s wife Brahmini would take on a leadership role within the party. He reiterated that the Telugu Desam had no shortage of leaders.

Patrudu criticized the YSRC government for banning protests and rallies by opposition parties, contrasting it with the assistance provided by the Telugu Desam Party TDP government during Jagan Reddy’s pada yatra, including laying roads and providing ambulances.

He also claimed that the era of the YSRC was coming to an end and that the next government would be formed by the TD, pledging to restore order in the state.

brahmini will take charge of the td if lokesh is arrested
Brahmini will take charge of the TDP

Patrudu accused top leaders of the ruling party of illegally acquiring land worth more than 75,000 crore in Visakhapatnam and allowing anti-social elements to harass landowners.

He criticized the government’s reversal of the liquor policy and its decision to borrow substantial sums at a 9.6% interest rate for 25 years, ostensibly based on liquor sales revenue. Additionally, he pointed out that the YSRC government had raised Fibernet service charges from Rs 149 to Rs 450 per month, contrasting it with TD’s lower rates.

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