“Brathuku Amma” Private Song From Raghu Kunche


Private Song From Raghu Kunche

What is going on here in our India? The crime rate is increasing, rupee value is decreasing, human values are destroying…The most heartfelt incidents are rapes, child murders, and feticide. How cruel it is? Most of the incidents happen to the women. There is no need any women unions, the change should start in minds of people. Mainly want to discuss feticide, means killing of a fetus. And, the reason behind this talk about the latent emotion of feticide is Raghu Kunche. He reminded the child destruction or killing of an unborn girl child.

Raghu Kunche made a private song about this feticid

Raghu Kunche made a private song about this feticide. We all know that he is a singer, actor, and music director. Previously, he did videos about issues and very inspirational. Now, he is attacking the feticide by composing a song. Moreover, he composed and sang the song and Bhaskara Batla gave lyrics to the song. Really, every frame exposing the feel of the song and every line telling the fact.

who is responsible for this situatio

Actually, who is responsible for this situation, Man or woman? In several situations, we have seen the reasons, and both are contaminated. How can we change it? This is all about the perception of a person and thinking, and the cruel minds should start thinking. Raghu Kunche saying, “Every year, nearly 2000 girl children are left to die as soon as they are born or killed even before they see the light of the world, in the womb itself.
It hurts to see this situation. I have poured my heart out into this song.” Hats off to Raghu Kunche and he made such a heartfelt concept.


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