That’s Why I’m Not Doing in NTR Biopic – Keerthy Suresh


Generally, the craze for the heroines is lesser than heroes. But, for some actresses, it changed the perception. Savitri, Sridevi, Jayasudha, Anushka are done many films and got the craze but just one film made her star. Actually, that is not a film, that’s the story of a great actress Savitri, and the heroine is Keerthy Suresh. Keerthi’s performance as Savitri is astounding and presented the real Savitri. The film got critical appreciations and succeeded also financially. Now, she is doing in Vishal’s Pandem Kodi 2 movie and that is a complete commercial film.  Albeit, why she is not acting in NTR biopic? She looking damn awesome in Savitri role, then why not for NTR biopic? Did NTR movie team not meet her?

pandem kodi

Finally, the answer from Keerthy Suresh. Recently, Keerthy gave an interview and she told about her Mahanati movie and current projects. And, moreover, she told the reason behind the NTR biopic. She said: “Mahanati is a magic. I can’t say that whether it may repeat or not. Even I don’t sure about the role of Savitri. So, I feel that don’t touch it again. ‘Mahanati’ is a glorious crown, we just see that, shouldn’t want to touch it. That’s why I don’t want to act in NTR biopic. Not only Savitri, I decided that I shouldn’t do any biopics.”

She was talking about doing a commercial film and said: “There are no bounds, can do commercial films also after Mahanati. I decided that I will do both acting oriented and commercial films. Actually, that was a good thing that my role has good scope in Pandemkodi movie. After Mahanati, Pandem Kodi gave satisfaction to me. I felt heavy and responsible while acting in Mahanti. But, I enjoyed this Pandem Kodi and did peacefully.”


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