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KCR’s TRS Party 2018 Manifesto Highlights

To crack the snap polls in December, the TRS Chief KCR has announced the most awaited Manifesto of his party for the 2018’s elections of Telangana. Key points of this manifesto as follows.

KCR from many months has been luring the farmers

KCR from many months has been luring the farmers of his State by introducing “Rythu Bandhu Scheme” in which the TRS Government would provide 8,000 rupees Financial Assistance for farming. This scheme also includes paying insurance policies on farmers against their suicides.


TRS Chief targeted Youth by declaring unemployment allowances of 3,016 rupees per month as long as they get jobs under his ruling. This is thrice more than the TDP Government’s 1,000 scheme per month until the end of the 2019 elections. The most hyped Loan Waiver has turned reality as KCR declared that he would waive one lakh farming loans of about 45+ lakhs of farmers across the Telangana.

KCR has increased the senior citizens

In the name of “Aasara Pension”, KCR has increased the senior citizens’ pension from 1000 to 2016 rupees and this scheme would be utilized by all the voters who are above 57 years. On the same note, he increased the pension for physically disabled from 1,000 to 3,016 per month. Last but not the least, KCR’s “Market Investment Fund” of about 2,000 crores of rupees are introduced to ensure Maximum Selling Price for the farming organic products.

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