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HomelatestBumrah’s grandfather commits suicide after failing to him!

Bumrah’s grandfather commits suicide after failing to him!

Bumrah’s grandfather commits suicide  

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The 84-year-old Ashok Singh, grandfather of Indian cricket player Jasprit Bumrah was found floating dead in the river Sabarmati. Bumrah’s grandfather has gone missing from two years. ‘He wanted to desperately meet his grandson [Jasprit Bumrah] on December 6th (Bumrah’s birthday). He travelled all the way from Jharkhand to Ahmedabad for the same. But Bumrah’s mother Daljith Kaur did not allow Ashok Singh to meet Bumrah. Being upset over the incident, Ashok Singh committed suicide,’ said a source.

Ashok Singh was a businessman in the past. After Bumrah’s father’s death, Ashok Singh was living with his elder son Balwinder Singh in Jharkhand. Ashok Singh is driving auto for his livelihood. It is also understood that the relations between Bumrah’s family and Ashok Singh family aren’t that great. After the death of Bumrah’s father in 2001, disputes took place between the family members, a post which, the relations were greatly affected.

Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services officials have identified the body of Ashok Singh. ‘Seeing Bumrah was his [Ashok Singh] last wish. But unfortunately he died without the fulfilment of his last wish,’ said a relative close to the family.

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