Call from Centre to the State! Is Babu happy?


Call from Central Government to the State 

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With the recent developments in New Delhi, the Andhra Pradesh government is being addressed with much urgency from the Centre. Arun Jaitley declared that the Centre is still committed to fulfilling every aspect mentioned in the AP Re-organization act. The Finance Minister also stated that respective Finance Officials from the state of AP are being invited to New Delhi to discuss various aspects.

In fact, it is learned that the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) has reportedly received a phone call from the Finance Minister’s office. The Centre asked the AP’s Finance Ministry officials to come to New Delhi immediately. According to close sources to the CMO, the AP Finance officials are required to illustrate each and every detail regarding the reservations the AP Govt. has in Revenue Deficit and Special package.

Consequently, AP Chief Secretary (Finance) Ravichandra and Planning board Vice Chairman Kutumba Rao left to Delhi on instructions from the AP CM. AP MPs have been staging protests over their displeasure over allocations to Andhra Pradesh in the recent budget. Placards with ‘Anti-BJP’ and ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ slogans were seen in the protests carried inside the Parliament premises.

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