High tension in Parliament continues!


High tension in Parliament continues!

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All of a sudden, Andhra Pradesh MPs raised the temperature in New Delhi. Possibly for the first time after NDA came to power, the complete focus is on Andhra Pradesh. All the opposition parties unitedly lashed out at the BJP party in Rajya Sabha. Right from the morning, the TDP and YSRCP MPs were seen protesting in the Parliament premises with placards and anti-BJP slogans. They demanded that the Centre should fulfil each and every promise made in the Andhra Pradesh re-organization bill. The MPs who were protesting outside the Parliament, all of sudden barged into the premises and created a ruckus in the Rajya Sabha. They demanded that the Centre should release a declaration of when the promises would be fulfilled.

The TDP MPs were opposed by Central Cabinet Ministers, who said, if the government promises something in regards to AP in the Parliament, even other states will do the same. Succumbing to the pressure, Arun Jaitley stated that, ‘AP Financial Advisor has been asked to come to Delhi. We will discuss everything in detail with him’.

Unhappy over Arun Jaitley’s announcement, the TDP MPs warned that the people are in no state to accept if BJP comes up with ‘Technical reasons’ is not fulfilling the promises. The Rajya Sabha has been once again adjourned amid the protests from TDP MPs.

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