Can Jagan Wave Show Its Impact On Elections?


The YSRCP leaders have been spreading a new campaigning technique called Jagan wave among the voters. With this newly claimed wave, can Jagan make any difference in the existing vote bank or not is a million dollars question.

Political analysts state that YSRCP has strong vote bank despite Jagan’s cases in AP State. The fans of this party are extending their love on YSR to his son Jagan and they wish to see their demi God’s son as the CM of this State. At this point, the overconfidence of Jagan is now playing the spoil sport. At one side, TDP Chief CBN and Janasenani are touring the AP, the YSRCP head Jagan is taking regular breaks and is spending some time at his Lotus Pond. analysts opine that this lag and over confidence of Jagan is actually causing more damage to the party. In the happened term also, YSRCP missed a total of 31 seats within just 10,000 or below number of votes due to YSRCP’s poor booth management. Seems the same thing is repeating in this term as well which might prove costly for Jagan during the elections.

It is high time for Jagan to repeat the craze he got for the Padayatra yet again by doing some quick Public meeting and road shows in some important segments of AP. All these politicians should end their campaigning on the 8th of this month leaving a good 48 hours to the voting day.


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