Friday, March 31, 2023
HomelatestNews X Channel Favors TDP’s Win In 2019 Assembly Elections

News X Channel Favors TDP’s Win In 2019 Assembly Elections

As the elections of AP are approaching along with Indian Parliament elections, the mainstream National media are revealing their surveys each passing day. Now the news channel News X TV declared its pre-poll survey regarding AP Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

With an intention to know the pulse of AP citizens, this channel News X stated that out of 175 Assembly seats, TDP is gaining as many as 92 whereas YSRCP is going to get 77, which are ten more than that of 2014’s results. This channel which has no idea about raising parties like Janasena claimed that Congress may get 4 seats against zero in the last term. Coming to Lok Sabha polls, Newsx gave as many as 17 to TDP and 8 to YSRCP limiting Congress to zero. According to this news channel, 43% of people favor Chandrababu Naidu against YS Jagan’s 35%. This National media state that YSRCP’s vote bank sunk to 36% in the last couple of years whereas TDP stood strong with 45%.

What’s more interesting is that these so-called National media is ignoring the fact that the impact of other parties like Janasena, CPI, CPM, and BSP can show their impact on the vote banks. On the 23rd of May, one will know the final status and stature of all AP parties.

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