Friday, March 31, 2023
HomelatestCan These Tollywood Actors In YSRCP Damage TDP?

Can These Tollywood Actors In YSRCP Damage TDP?

The Cine glamour always plays a prominent role in the election campaigns and for the upcoming General elections of AP Assembly, the Opposition party YSRCP has got more actors than that of TDP.

First and foremost, the successful writer turned actor Posani Krishna Murali is the first actor among the existing YSRCP leaders from TFI who inclined towards YS Jagan. Immediately, the 30 years Industry fame Prudvi officially joined YSRCP and campaigned for the party. Comedian Ali who tried his hard to get a TDP ticket also ended up in the Jagan’s camp. Last but not least, the collection King Mohan Babu who moved close to the YSR’s family ended his Political suspense and batted for Jagan since the other day. Other celebrities like Chinni Krishna, Kathi Mahesh, and others declared their support towards YSRCP.

Among all these, Posani and recently joined Mohan babu topped the celebrity list who targeted Babu to the core. These two unique personas slung enough mud on TDP in their press meets and degraded CBN’s Popularity among the voters. On the flip side, TDP got no star campaigners except the Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna in their Arsenal. One has to wait and see if these so-called celebrities can help YSRCP gaining power.

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