Friday, March 31, 2023
HomelatestWhat's Wrong In Taking TRS’s Help In Special Status: Asks Jaganp

What’s Wrong In Taking TRS’s Help In Special Status: Asks Jaganp

In the eagerness to gain Power, the Opposition leader YS Jagan has completely lost his mind and started confirming his secret friendship in TRS officially. His recent speech explains everything.

The moment TRS wanted to touch AP Politics with the help of TDP’s rival YSRCP, CBN decided to rely on the regional AP sentiment to counter the new partners. Thus CBN tried his best to expose this friendship by projecting it as the anti- AP sentiment in front of AP people. As expected, furious Jagan didn’t think twice and fell directly into the trap laid by CBN in public domain. Responding to Babu’s allegations on YSRCP’s friendship with TRS, Jagan declared that he is friends with TRS and ridiculed himself. Not stopping there, Jagan dared to ask the people if there is something wrong in taking the help of TRS party to achieve Special Category Status. The stunned public is now wondering that since when TRS started caring for AP’s Special Status. If one can recollect, TRS has gone back on its support to fight for AP’s Special Status in the past. It in turns created hurdles for AP’s funds and projects in the happened five years of the term. So what on Earth Jagan thinks that his friendship with the T-State’s ruling party would fetch him votes, wonder Political analysts.

Whatever might be the case, inexperienced Jagan again fell flat for most experienced CBN’s plans. Now that TRS officially withdrawing from interfering in AP Politics, Jagan has to fight along with all this new humiliation.

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