Tuesday, July 5, 2022
HomelatestKCR And KTR In Damage Control Mode?

KCR And KTR In Damage Control Mode?

The Telangana CM KCR’s idea of return gift and influencing the AP Politics backfired hugely due to AP CM CBN and Janasenani’s unexpected revolt against the TRS party. To set the things right prior to the Lok Sabha elections, KCR has now sent the feelers that he is not going to interfere in AP Politics.

KCR planned hugely to enter the AP Assembly elections and bat for its friend YSRCP to send CBN to the Opposition and to seek YSRCP’s support in Telangana’s Lok Sabha elections. These plans were reverted back by the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan warning the TRS party to limit themselves to their State. On the other hand, Babu too revealed the nexus between TRS and YSRCP which resulted in a huge revolt of AP people against TRS and YSRCP. KCR who came to know that his plan is not working has now sent his son KTR to all the media channels to give away interviews. In all his interviews, KTR is now claiming that his party has no interest to indulge in AP Politics and KCR’s return gift was nothing but an election strategy during the snap polls. KTR who degraded Janasena has now changed his tune by stating that Pawan Kalyan is another contender for the CM chair in AP other than YS Jagan.

Seems the TRS leaders sensed the damage they can do if they enter the AP Politics. People will side with either TDP or Janasena who are aggressively promoting themselves in the name of AP’s self-respect. On the flip side, Pawan Kalyan successfully pointed out YSRCP’s walk out of Telangana Lok Sabha polls to help TRS.

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