Wednesday, December 1, 2021
HomelatestCBI Rejected Jagans Petition

CBI Rejected Jagans Petition

CBI Rejected Jagans Petition

The Special Court of the CBI has Refuse to exempt from personal attendance and disappointed Jagan. As part of the illegal assets case, Jagan is attending the CBI court every Friday. However, he is going to start the Padayathra from 2nd of next month. Jagan had filed a petition to give him exemption from personal attendance.

The CBI argued that the investigation would be delayed if Jagan exempted from personal attendance. The court, which has come up with this argument and rejected Jagan’s petition. Jagan seems to go to the High Court in this case judgment. If he does not get a positive reaction from there then he has a solution for that. Jagan wants to attend the court in Hyderabad in a special helicopter from the venue of the Padayathra and returns there.

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