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HomelatestCBN Aimed For Jagan Arrest Than AP: BJP MLA Kanna

CBN Aimed For Jagan Arrest Than AP: BJP MLA Kanna

CBN Aimed For Jagan Arrest Than Andra Pradesh

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Post the breakup of their alliance, the BJP leaders are trying their hard to demean the TDP and its head Chandrababu Naidu. His recent comments on the AP CM have become the new talk of the AP Politics.Kanna Lakshminarayana who is fuming fire on TDP whenever he gets a chance has made stunning allegations on the Yellow camp. In his recent speech, Kanna claimed that CBN always wanted to arrest his rival YS Jagan and he used to be on that mission.

He went further and declared that CBN utilized most of his Delhi tours only to make the Centre arrest Jagan at any cost to eliminate the Opposition threat. Kanna backed his statements by assuring all that CBN has personally disclosed his secret mission behind Delhi tours to him many times. Kanna alleged that the TDP Chief has completely ditched AP for his political gain and even took a reverse gear on Special Status. According to BJP, CBN preferred to satisfy with Special Package as his main motive is to arrest Jagan but not developing the State which has no capital.

If this is the case for real or fake, voters are in frustration knowing the hidden desires of our AP leaders. If CBN really has personal missions rather than State’s development, then what is the need of Kanna disclosing this matter after the break up of the alliance, questions some netizens. Our State really needs a perfect leader in order to eliminate these corrupt politicians and to have young selfless blood in AP Politics.

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