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HomelatestTV Channels Coverage On Pawan’s Tour: Ban Lifted?

TV Channels Coverage On Pawan’s Tour: Ban Lifted?

TV Channels Coverage On Pawan Tour

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has started his official Bus tour since yesterday to know the problems of people. Political analysts who are curious on media coverage has drawn some conclusions after having a detailed observation.The sensational cold war between Pawan Kalyan and some Media Channels went to Sky at one time as the leader asked his Jansainikas to ban them. Channels like TV9, ABN, TV5, and Mahaa are main channels in the list which Pawan asked to boycott.

The result was the severe downfall of ratings for these channels which got frustrated and imposed a ban on Pawan’s activities in reverse. Such war ended in a silent manner as both need the support of each other. Janasena which doesn’t have any official news channel reply only on social networking sites. These anti channels stopped airing Pawan’s programmes and they decided to ban Janasena’s programmes as well. Likewise, Pawan fans too thought that only a few channels will cover Pawan’s Praja Yatra despite his craze and crowd gathering.

To everyone’s surprise, the so-called anti channels of Pawan gave a live coverage of his first day of the tour in Uttarandhra. Also, they organized special programmes on Pawan with some analysts and debates. Also, Pawan allowed these channels and he even hold their mikes with his hand with or without interest. Whatever might be the reason, it is said to be a healthy thing in the media for rubbing off the war. Both Pawan and Media realized what they are losing in this war. Now that Pawan also stopped his tweets, hope media and he gel well for creating maximum impact on voters.

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