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HomelatestKumaraswamy fuming fire on Congress MLAs for shifting loyalties

Kumaraswamy fuming fire on Congress MLAs for shifting loyalties

Kumaraswamy Fuming Fire On Congress MLA

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The number game of Karnataka Politics reached a climax today as BJP needs to win the trust vote of as many as 112 MLAs. Obtained information from JDS camp reveals that BJP is ahead of them inluring the MLAs to form Government.The Karnataka BJP which got as many as 104 seats needs 8 more to get into Power. So they started techniques to get MLAs from JDS and Congress by methods of luring, blackmailing etc. The JDS Chief Kumaraswamy did his best to hold each and every single MLA of his by shifting them to Taj Krishna in Hyderabad.

He also provided resorts to his allies Congress MLAs to save them from shifting parties. Despite his trails, five of Congress MLAs found missing and it is obvious that they changed their flags for packages or nominated posts from BJP. Kumaraswamy breathed fire the moment he knew that 5 MLAs of Congress are already missing from the meeting in Taj Krishna at Hyderabad. Kumaraswamy also dragged the Congress Chief and former CM Siddaramaiah for his inability to hold his own MLAs. Now BJP just needs three MLAs and it is a piece of cake thing for the Centre backed K-BJP camp.

Sources indicate that not 8 but a total of 10 MLAs from Congress are already confirmed to change their loyalties. Entire Nation is curious on the Karnataka Politics. The final verdict will be out from the Karnataka Assembly as the trust vote which commences at 4 PM will be ended on or before 5 PM. BJP has all the chances to form the Government.

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