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HomelatestPawan Sets His Concentration On Uttarandhra

Pawan Sets His Concentration On Uttarandhra

Pawan Kalyan Uttarandhra Tour Updates

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The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan is about to start his most hyped Praja Yatra from tomorrow. He is all set to conquer the least talked part of the State, Uttarandhra with his special care and attention.Many Politicians left some parts of the Andhra Pradesh as they get fewer benefits from some places. Uttarandhra is one such place which despite having leaders like Ashok Gajapathi Raju, it still remained underdeveloped.

Pawan who is known for spending a good amount of his life in Visakhapatnam when he got trained in acting under Satyanand master, he fell in love with Uttarandhra’s culture and folk songs. Since then, he showed special care and attention to it. Since he forayed into Politics, Pawan straightly went to Uttarandhra and gave his word to them in order to develop it as much as he can. It was Pawan who made the State and Central Governments look at the curious case of Kidney Ailments and worked his best to set up Dialysis centers near to them. Pawan made them trust him with his continuous visits and even talked with Harvard Doctors group to have a research about this problem.

Pawan went further and decided to start his tour from Uttarandhra where he interacts with all the natives of the region to come up with better solutions. Already the people fell in love with this powerful leader. If he manages to address their problems, he will get as many as seats from Uttarandhra, which will be a great boon for his Political career.

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