Friday, May 7, 2021
HomelatestBJP To Face Two Crucial Tests Today, Yeddyurappa In Confident Mode

BJP To Face Two Crucial Tests Today, Yeddyurappa In Confident Mode

BJP To Face Two Crucial Tests Today 

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As the top court of India directed the BJP camp of Karnataka to get the trust votes on or before 4 PM of today, the BJP and its Chief Yeddyurappa are very sure about forming the Government. Apart from the trust vote exam, BJP is yet to win another case in Supreme Court.After winning the case against the JDS and Congress regarding the Oath taking, Yeddyurappa’s happiness limited to half day as the Supreme Court asked the BJP to prove its number. JDS and Congress MLAs who are residing in Hyderabad resort to protect their MLAs from luring also filed a case against BJP regarding its Speaker plea.

Karnataka BJP backed Governor is keen on appointing a junior MLA of BJP, Bopaiah as the temporary Speaker to conduct this trust vote test. JDS and Congress termed this act of Governor as unconstitutional and pleaded the Apex Court to dismiss this act of Governor. The Judge bench on Friday’s night adjourned the Court declaring that it will organize the hearings on this Pro Tem Speaker case at 10:30 AM on Saturday. Yeddyurappa is quite confident in winning this case and gets their favorable Speaker to conduct the trust vote thing at 4 PM.

Also, the Karnataka BJP Chief directed their camp to make arrangements to celebrate their success at 5 PM today.Political analysts predict the win of BJP anyhow as it has the support of both the Governor of Karnataka Mr. Vajubhai Vala who is an RSS member and the back up of BJP lead Central Government. JDS and Congress MLAs moved to Bengaluru ahead of this Court hearing and trust vote event today.

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