Wednesday, September 28, 2022
HomelatestJealous Modi Using KCR And Jagan To Stop AP’s Development: CBN

Jealous Modi Using KCR And Jagan To Stop AP’s Development: CBN

The TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu is not ok with the things going on regarding the KCR’s Federal Front. He is alleging Modi for secretly directing KCR and Jagan to form an alliance to split the anti-incumbency votes in Andhra Pradesh.Speaking to his leaders in a recent Tele-Conference, Babu stated that the Indian Prime Minister who halted 75,000 crores of rupees to AP is burning with jealousy looking at AP’s development.According to CBN, Modi is preoccupied that AP in the near future might overtake the GDP and growth rates of his own state Gujarath so he is conspiring to freeze all the development in AP and its capital Amaravati.

On this note, CBN declared that Modi, KC, and Jagan are eating AP’s growth like vultures with hidden missions. Babu has a theory for this secret alliance of BJP-KCR and Jagan. As said earlier, Modi for his revenge politics on CBN and to stop AP’s growth, KCR for belittling CBN lead front and Jagan to win the power to jump out of his CBI cases against him together conspire for this fight against the AP Government.Babu directed his party leaders to be prepared for the tough battle ahead of the general elections to face these vultures in order to regain power. But one cannot understand how Modi comes into the picture of Federal front which is formed anti-Modi and anti-Congress by KCR.

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